This Gave Me Chiills!!!

This Gave me chills:

A few weeks ago I finished a beautiful painting of Sarah. To begin Sarah and I discussed a number of options for her portrait and we chose to do a seductive image of her dressing in front of a mirror. My inspiration came from a painting I saw by Dino Paeni, an Italian painter. We discussed clothing, makeup and the mood of the portrait.

After I finished the painting I gave Sarah a digital image of the finished piece to use on social media and she posted it on her page. Her Great Aunt, her grandfather's sister, saw the painting and went through her images until she found this image of her mother, Sarah's Great Grandmother, posing in front of a mirror with a dresser in a white dress or slip.

Sarah had never seen this image and didn't even know of its existence. The image of her Great Grandmother was photographed in 1930 when she was about the age that Sarah is now. When Sarah showed this image to me I had chills up and down my spine! I feel like her Great Grandmother helped to inspire this portrait of her......stranger things have happened.



The Making of Rosa by the Mirror

I had a great time with Rosa creating this image!

Rosa and I got together and talked about creating a romantic image for her home. We talked about finding the right dress for the shoot.  So she and I went on a hunt over the next few weeks texting each other dresses that we found in boutiques and designer stores.  I even went to My Sister's Closet hoping someone had given life to a dress that might have been wasting a way in a closet.....but no luck.

I was walking through Scottsdale Fashion Square and saw this dress in the window.  With out hesitation I sent Rosa a photo of the dress and she loved it. I bought it!

We scheduled a time for the shoot and I showed up at her place with all of my photo equipment.  I set up my lights as she finished her makeup.  She went into the bathroom and slipped on the dress and she came out looking so stunning!  

We started to shoot images in front of her mirror, by a column and on her bed.  The images were stunning and she moved so beautifully from pose to pose - she is a natural.

I narrowed the images down to the final selection and we picked two - one on her bed and one in front of the mirror.

I went back to my office and started working on the two images- Once I had them edited to my satisfaction I started to sketch the images.  I always sketch my work before I paint it.  I used two different painting techniques on the images - the one on the bed I used brushstrokes as opposed to the image in the mirror I painted with pointillism - tiny dots of paint that together show the image from a distance but up close all you see are different colors of paint.

I love the French Impressionists and this image was in that style.  Love the Painting!

If you're interested in commissioning a portrait painting please us the contact link above.


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