Family Portrait on Key Biscayne

June 10, 2016

I had a great opportunity to photograph this family on Key Biscayne on the beach.  As the son was young I didn't have a lot of time to capture the right image and as the beach didn't open until late I was fighting the sun for the perfect light.

I had them walk up and down the beach numerous times shooting towards the light house and back the other way.  There were so many people in the water and on the beach that I was glad I would be painting the final image so I could only have this family in the final work of art.

In about a half an hour I had the images I needed and I went to work in Photoshop prepping the image so I might be able to paint the image that I saw in my head. 

Once I had the image created photographically I began to paint digitally the portrait.  After a week I had a beautiful painted image that I transferred to canvas.  Then I painted the canvas with acrylic and oil paint to make a stunning 28x42" canvas.  I had a beautiful custom frame made to go with the colors in the sand and the flesh tones.

The family was ecstatic when I delivered the final painting to their home.  It is prominently displayed in their living room.