Final Moments Together

'Final Moments Together'

I wrote about this experience a couple of months ago - the portrait is finished and has
been delivered to the client, who loves the painting. Christine has been very kind
to let me share this story.

Those of us who share our lives with a dog or a cat or another animal understand all
too well how short their lives are and how they impact us with their unconditional
love, Christine was fortunate to have a job where she could take Sam with her
everyday to work.  They spent 10 years together.

I received a call from Christine and as I listened to her tell me about Sam's
health I knew I had my task cut out for me.  I could hear in her voice the love
she felt for Sam.

Time was of the essence and I met with her to talk about the portrait she wanted me
to create for her as well as to meet my new subject - Sam.

Sam was a sweet dog as most Golden's are.  But it was the bond these two had that
I knew I had to show in the final portrait.

She wanted to think about it so I gave her my card.  She called me the next
morning to tell me that Sam had had a hard night having had a seizure and she
wasn't sure if he would make it through the day.

I was able to juggle my afternoon appointment and do a photo shoot that afternoon
in a local park.

Sam was alert and happy.....but he was just happy to be with Christine.  I set
them up together to do some formal portraits, had them walk together, did some solo
portraits of Sam.  But, the image that stood out was an image of the two of them
together relaxing and well, just being Christine and Sam.

As I was going through all of the images this one stood out from all of the others. 
As I showed the images to Christine she felt the same.

Sam passed away a few days after the shoot.

I have been creating artistic portraits for 34 years and I know how important they
are to the individuals and the families who have them.  But this portrait awakened
me as to the importance of being a portrait artist.  I am fortunate to have been
given talents and I pursue everyday to learn more so that every client I have will
have a great experience and beautiful work of art to hang in their home.

Every person who sees this portrait will appreciate its beauty but for Christine,
her family and friends it will mean so much is priceless.