About the Artist, Stephen Moody

Stephen Moody is an Artist. He specializes in one of a kind  Fine Art Painted Portraits.  ”Creating Portrait Art is what I love to do.  Every individual has a unique  personality and I love to create that impression on canvas” says Moody. ”Portrait art is more than oils on canvas.  Its about creating a lasting impression of the individual(s) that make a statement about my subject to be passed down from this generation to the next and thereafter.”

“I had my first art show in Scottsdale in 2003.  It was so successful I took it as a sign I should stay.  So, I moved here……….I love it here” says Moody.

At the age of 13 his mother took him to Paris - a trip that would change his life forever. “We went to the Jeu de Paume Museum and I walked up the stairs, made a U-turn and walked into a little room where I was surrounded by works by Vincent VanGogh.  I spent over an hour mesmerized by the beautiful colors swirling on canvases.  I fell in love with impressionism at that moment and it is one of the major influences in my art today” says Moody.

Moody’s career started in Salt Lake City creating sensual portraits of women for the one’s they loved.  He was featured nationally on TV and print.  It didn’t take long for his clients for his client’s to ask him to create artistic portraits of their children. 

Moody is the father of 3 children and has 4 grandchildren.His empty nest consists of 2 St Bernard’s, a Rottweiler and 2 cats all of which are rescues.